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Enter Our #CattasticGiveaway on Instagram 0

Let's celebrate summer with our first ever Instagram Giveaway! Hooray for summer! Hooray for cats! Hooray for free stuff!

If you are a cat person, we invite you to follow us on Instagram where today, July 25, through this Friday, July 29th, you can enter to win one of our floral Cat Trio Wall Sticker Kits! Win any size! This prize will be awarded to 3 lucky people! This great giveaway is strictly on Instagram so check us out at @mywonderfulwalls

It's easy and quick to enter! Good luck in our #cattasticgiveaway!

Three winners will be randomly chosen after 7/29 and announced on Instagram as well as by direct message. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize! Open to residents of the U.S. who are 18 and up only. 

Our Bee Wonderful Project 2

Stop killing our buzz! Learn about our Bee Wonderful Project and how you can help! 

Here at My Wonderful Walls, we care a lot about our environment. Like most folks, we want to do what we can to help make the world a better, brighter place. So, we started the Bee Wonderful Project.

Our Bee Wonderful Project began in the Spring of 2016 as a personal endeavor of Michael Goins, the founder of our company. The decline in bee populations, known as “Colony Collapse Disorder” has already had a serious impact on the environment. The truth about the alarming decline in bee populations really hit home when Michael recently took a trip to Honey Island Swamp, near his childhood stomping grounds in New Orleans. Formerly known for their abundant bee population, Michael was stunned to find there are no bees in Honey Island Swamp now. That’s why we decided to take BIG action in helping out some of our little friends - the bees.

Inspired by Earth Day, we are taking 5% of the proceeds from our Earth Day Sale and putting it toward our Bee Wonderful Project. Join us on our eco-friendly adventure as Michael uploads photos, shares videos and provides updates of the bee-friendly garden and beehives he prepares outside the My Wonderful Walls design studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


A bee checking out our newly planted flower garden

Can you find the pollinator among our sprouts?

Find the pollinator

Future bee hive location

7 Ways You Can Help Our Bee-utiful Friends

From fruit, to nuts, to coffee beans, one out of every three mouthfuls of food in the American diet is, in some way, a product of honeybee pollination. So, if you’re nuts about your coffee, you’d better perk up! Bees are dying off at such a rapid rate, our food supply is at serious risk. Here are 7 ways you can help our ‘bee-utiful’ friends:

1. Stop using chemical pesticides: Neonic pesticides are the #1 killer of bees. The best way you can offer immediate assistance to our bee friends as well as other animals and insects, is to stop the use of pesticides all-together! Did you know when you use pesticides they make their way through the entire plant? That means if you use pesticides on your veggie garden, you are not only killing off pollinating insects, like bees, but you are consuming pesticides yourself and putting your own health at serious risk. *Tip: If your garden is in need of pesticides, try organic pesticides and natural insect deterrents like an herb garden, or night blooming flowers to attract bats - known as mother nature’s organic pest control.

2. Practice leave-it-alone gardening: Think about your garden as a habitat for wildlife, rather than a perfectly manicured lawn. Not only is it easier to maintain this type of garden because of the super low maintenance, but it’s also bee-friendly! *Tip from scientist Sylvia Fallon at NRDC’s Land and Wildlife Program.

3. Grow local: You don’t need those fancy-schmancy hybrids you find at plant nurseries to have a bee-utiful garden! They may look pretty, but most of them have the pollen, nectar, and even the scent bred out of them - which isn’t good for our bee friends. *Tip: To find out which bee and insect friendly native plants will work best in your area, visit the Xerces Society.

4. Grow wild: Plant native breeds of all shapes and colors that will bloom from early spring to early fall to attract bees, and butterflies alike! *Tip: Planting in clumps rather than individual flowers or plants will make it easier for our pollinating friends to find you! Also, Milkweed is a particular favorite of the Monarch butterfly.

5. Bee a smart shopper: When shopping for seeds to plant in your garden avoid any and all products that say “protected”. A product with this label means the plants and/or seeds have been chemically pre-treated with pesticides. *Tip: The best way to get seeds for your garden is to buy from organic local farmers, or smaller plant nurseries that specialize in organic gardening.

6. H2O will help them grow: It’s getting warmer outside and bees need cooling off too! Especially in drier climates. If you have a bird bath or a small bowl, fill it with a few pebbles and some fresh water. This will help the bees stay cool and hydrated so they can do their pollinating magic. *Tip: Keep fresh water on hand and change out daily to prevent mosquitoes from nesting.

7. Bee Brave: If you really want to get involved and help the bees in a BIG way, learn how to be a beekeeper! To get started, you can purchase a pre-made “bee box” at your local hardware store or farmer's supply store. Bees also make their homes from fallen branches and trees, so if you have a fallen tree branch on your property, drilling a few bee-inviting holes in the deadwood makes a perfect home for our high flying friends. This is one of the best ways to repopulate the bees and help save our environment. *Tip: For more information check out this inspiring video by Kirby Engleman, as she charms the beekeeper inside all of us.

We hope you’ll follow our journey and do your part to bee wonderful along with us!


Spring Bling Giveaway ~ Win a $125 My Wonderful Walls Gift Card 167

If Springtime means finding ways to add colorful decor to your home , My Wonderful Walls has just what you need. Check out our Spring Bling Giveaway to win beautiful home décor for yourself, your children or a little bit for both! Our wall stickers and wall stencils are an inexpensive way to instantly add beautiful art to your walls, windows and more. Coordinate with our matching throw pillows and fleece blankets for a perfectly themed room. Our designs are perfect for kids of all ages and they make great gifts!

We want to give 4 lucky winners some bling this Spring! Enter below to win a $125 gift card from My Wonderful Walls in our Spring Bling Giveaway. No purchase necessary. This giveaway is open worldwide to those 18 and up and ends on 4/5. See the Rafflecopter widget for full terms & conditions. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

SAVE:  If you just can’t wait to add some bling to your home or office, use code SPRINGBLING for 20% off your purchase today through Tuesday, 4/5! This code may not be combined with any other offer. 

"It’s Showtime!" Video Testimonials Wanted 0

If you’ve purchased something from us that you love, we want to see your short 30-60 second video testimonial. In exchange for your video, we’ll send you a $20 e-gift card to


1) How long should the video testimonial be? 30-60 seconds. Yes, that’s short but, really, we only want clips less than 1 minute. This is key. 60 seconds max! 

2) What do I do in the video testimonial?  
-tell us your first name and location (city/state/province/country)
- give the product name 
-show the product
-tell us where you have the product
-give specific reasons why you love it (some ideas: quality, installation time, originality, comparison to other products, how you discovered My Wonderful Walls, initial reactions, etc.)

3) Should I shoot the video with my cell phone? Yes, the easiest way for us will be to shoot it with your cell phone. Just make sure there is plenty of light and that you or your “camera person” shoots it with a steady hand. It might also help to plan out what you are going to say first and practice a few times. Additionally, it wouldn't hurt (wink, wink) to tidy up the space a bit. 

4) Should I shoot is horizontally or vertically? Good question because this is IMPORTANT! Make sure you shoot the video horizontally (short and fat), NOT vertically (tall and skinny).

5) Do I have to be in video? No. Feel free to shoot the video from behind the lens or in front of it.

6) Should I have my kids in it? No, leave the kids out of the video. No videos with children will be accepted. 

7) Are other people going to see this video? Yes. When you give us your video, you are giving us permission to share it on our website and on all our social media channels.

8) Can I submit than one video? If you’ve purchased multiple products from us and want to do multiple videos, we’ll give you a $20 e-gift card for the first video and $5 e-gift cards for each additional video. Limit 3 videos per household. Each video must be of a different product.

9) How do I submit the video? Just email it to us at Or if the file is too large, use WeTransfer. Just go to, upload the file and send it to It takes 30 seconds. 

10) How/when will I receive my gift card? Submit your video by March 11, 2016 and then allow 2-3 days for us to review it. Once we’ve confirmed that you’ve complied with all our “rules and regulations”, we’ll send you an e-gift card via email. 

*The fine print: Please take the extra effort to provide us with a usable testimonial of reasonable quality. If your video is unusable (super shaky, unclear, blurry, inaudible, kids in video, etc.), we reserve the right to not issue you a gift card. So, please don’t let that happen. 

Here are 2 short sample testimonials we did in the studio: One with Cassie in front of the camera and another from behind the lens. Feel free to get creative. We are excited to watch your videos! REMEMBER: ALL VIDEOS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 11, 2016!






Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale on All Wall Stickers and Wall Stencils - 15% Off Plus Free Shipping* 0

 My Wonderful Walls Holiday Sale

Have you started your holiday shopping? Did you know our wall stickers make great gifts? Maybe you’re really well prepared and you are almost done but if you are still thinking about what to buy Uncle Joe and Aunt Flora who just bought their forever home or that nephew in college who’s always playing Minecraft, make sure you check out our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale happening 11/27-12/1! This is our best sale to save on wall decals, wall stencils and accessories to create the perfect wall mural. Whether you are purchasing for you or for a gift, now is the perfect time to buy our wonderful wall art!

Starting Thanksgiving (11/27/2014) and running through midnight on 12/1, you can save 15% on all My Wonderful Walls regularly priced items with code HOLIDAY15. And in addition, when you spend $25 or more (not including tax or shipping)regular shipping to the continental U.S. is free during this sale! No other sale/coupon will be honored. If you’ve been waiting to buy a wall decal for yourself or you are looking for unusual gifts for your friends and family, this is the perfect time to shop My Wonderful Walls. Last day to order with regular shipping in time for delivery by Christmas is December 15th in the continental U.S. (12/4 everywhere else). Expedited shipping may be available. Email to request.

Our wall stickers make great gifts for everyone from new parents to grandparents and anyone in between. They are great for apartment dwellers and college students as they are easy to apply and remove without making a mess or tearing. Our wall stickers are tear-free, eco-friendly and easy to use plus with our designs there are no white edges so the decals appear painted on. We have many wall mural designs that are perfect for babies and kids rooms but just as many that are great for teens and adults too! Check out some of our favorite gifts ideas here:


German Shepherd Wall DecalFor the animal lovers, try 
Dogs Never Lie About Love pop art wall sticker from Dean Russo. This colorful cut-out wall decal comes in 4 different sizes and will be sure to please the German Shepherd owners and dog lovers in your life.


Floral Cat Wall Stickers

Or if your recipient is more of a cat lover, check out our Funky Floral Cat Wall Sticker Trio. These dazzling rainbow colored cats look great as a trio or use them separately to show your love of felines. Any cat owner is sure to love these wall decals. 

Floral Horse Wall StickerPlus we have plenty of other equally gorgeous animals in our popular Funky Floral wall sticker collection. Try our Wild Horse Wall Decal, available in two different sizes perfect for the equestrian lover in your life.

    Collage Art Wall StickerFor the young at heart, try
    Say Go with art from Hollie Chastain. Her collage art wall stickers are colorful yet subtle pieces that look great in nurseries, kids rooms, living rooms and more!

      minecraft inspired wall decalSci-Fi fans and gamers will be drawn to the mesmerizing Blocky Lava with art by fractal and digital artist Lyle Hatch. This Minecraft inspired art wall sticker is bold three dimensional fun in red, orange and black. Check out all the sci-fi inspired wall decals with art from this talented artist.

        Whale Wall StickerNew parents will love Happy Whale from Mexican illustrator and artist Laura González. This adorable blue whale wall decal is perfect for a baby nursery or child’s room. The peaceful whale sticker is an I Spy adventure with several objects hidden in the translucent belly of the whale. What do you see?

          Geometric Floral Wall DecalCity slickers and art lovers alike will adore the graphic wall sticker Explore II with art from French illustrator, Florent Bodart. This subdued wall decal compares the beauty of nature with the geometric patterns of an urban environment in a soft palette of color.

            Inspirational Quote Wall StickerFor those needing a little inspiration, try one of the new quote wall decals with art from Valentina Harper like Today is Going to be Awesome a floral and text wall decal with a great message of hope. Her colorful animal and floral quote wall decals are both ornate and motivating, perfect for a young student or student of life.

              Panda Wall StickerRomantics and animal lovers will fall in love with our panda wall decal with art from Hungarian artist Balázs Solti. All You Need is Love shows an adorable panda bear making a perfect heart with his hands in this black and white wall sticker. You can purchase this sticker as shown here in an oval shape or as a rectangular wall sticker. This panda wall art is also available as a full body panda cut out, both standing and sitting!

              Grizzly Bear Wall StickerNature lovers and those loving intricately penned, black and white illustrations will love our Ornate Grizzly Bear with art from BioWorkZ. This standing bear looks a little bit fierce in his stance but he’s just showing off for you. Our cut out bear wall decal is available in four sizes great for any size wall or window you want to add him to.

                Astronomy Wall StickerFor those who never stop reaching for the stars the celestial beauty of Elise Mahan art in wall decal form would make a perfect gift. Try Aurora and the Elk Mountains in blue, black, gold and white for a touch of nature’s ethereal beauty in this astronomy inspired wall decal.


                Dandelion Wall DecalNature photography lovers will adore our new Ingrid Beddoes fine art wall sticker decals like A Tiny Sparkle featuring a beautiful macro of a dandelion at daybreak in yellow, white and black. 


                IfSnowflake Wall Window Decals you are looking for some fun holiday décor, purchase our new Snowflake Wall Sticker Kit with 20 white snowflakes in a variety of sizes perfect for walls, windows, doors, mirrors and more! 


                  Or for more ideas, check out last year's Perfect Gifts blog post!


                  This is just a sampling of some of our favorite wall decals now available. Take a look around and see what inspires you. Don’t forget about our wall stencils and gift cards too! It’s a great time to purchase at My Wonderful Walls. Use code HOLIDAY15 to take 15% off all orders and get free regular shipping in the continental U.S. with any order over $25 (no code needed). Better get shopping! This sale ends Cyber Monday (12/1) at midnight EST. Remember, last day to order with regular shipping in time for delivery by Christmas is 12/15 in the continental U.S. (12/4 everywhere else). Expedited shipping may be available. Please email to request or with any questions. Happy Holidays!

                  Wild and Free Giveaway -12 Prizes $450 Value 726


                  If you are a free spirit who could use a little more color in your life or you’re seeking a wild adventure this summer, join My Wonderful Walls and some of our favorite Etsy sellers for the Wild and Free Giveaway! This time we’re giving away something aimed at the people who are our best customers…the moms! But just because you’re not a mom or not a mom yet, doesn’t mean you can’t enter and win. If you love the prizes, we encourage you to enter no matter who you are!

                  This Wild and Free Giveaway package features 12 handcrafted items from artists across North America and the United Kingdom (including one of our Large Wild Horse Wall Stickers). We have collected décor and accessories that will bring your dreams of wide open spaces and endless possibilities to life. The colorful items in this collection are sure to delight your senses of touch, sight and smell or make a gift of them to the special woman in your life! This prize package will be randomly awarded to one lucky winner on June 25th, 2014.

                  Once you’ve read all about the amazing handcrafted gifts you might win, jump down to the bottom of the blog post to enter to win via our easy Rafflecopter widget. One person will take home $450 in Wild and Free Giveaway Items. The giveaway is open to U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all European Union countries! Please see the Rafflecopter widget for all terms and conditions. Good luck!

                  Wild Horse Wall Sticker
                  by Michael Goins at My Wonderful Walls
                  Value $49.99

                  Michael and Stephanie Goins from My Wonderful Walls in TN offer families a unique solution to their room decorating needs with wall stencils and stickers. When Michael, a graphic designer painted a mural on their son’s bedroom wall he finally had an idea that Stephanie liked. They would create stencils to help parents who didn’t feel comfortable painting murals bring a little “wonderful” to their kids’ walls. The idea took off and the Goins soon started offering wall stickers and canvas art pieces as well. They now offer more designs for grown up spaces in addition to the kids’ room mural kits they sell. When they aren’t designing wall décor or talking to customers on the phone, the Goins are busy raising two sons and enjoying scenic Chattanooga.

                  This 40” X 40” large floral horse wall decal will look great in any room in the house! Part of the My Wonderful Walls “Funky Floral” collection, this fabric horse sticker has become very popular for bedrooms, living rooms, office spaces and dens. The giant wall sticker has a rainbow of colors in a flower pattern and looks like is hand-painted on the walls. The special fabric used in these wall decals means it won’t mess up your walls when you move or remove it and it will be easy to reposition without tearing the sticker. The giveaway winner will receive the large version of this equestrian wall decal sticker and can choose between right and left-facing. If you simply can’t wait to order one and you happen to be our lucky winner, we’ll refund the price of the wall sticker to you! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the wall decals and stencil kits at

                  Check out My Wonderful Walls here too: FacebookTwitterPinterestYouTubeBlog

                  Sunburst Clock
                  by Shannon Ruby at Shannybeebo
                  Value $70

                  Shannon is a San Antonio based artist who focuses on recycled pieces for home decor and a few pieces of jewelry. Her specialty is paper art incorporating time pieces, and home accents. She tells us she believes in the tried and true adage that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Shannon is continuously looking for new and innovative ways to recycle and reinvent her work and works closely with her clients to personalize their pieces. With the encouragement and support of her family, especially her sister, Shannon has been able to quit her 9-5 J.O.B. and focus on creating clocks and other items full time. She has been having a blast creating for her Etsy customers and now has clocks hanging all over the globe including as props for Broadway plays!

                  This Sunburst Clock has been created by Shannon using hand rolled recycled magazine pages and features an elegant black face that is stylish to say the least. This quality piece of functional art will make a colorful addition to any room in your home and is sure to become an amazing conversation piece. It reaches 14” in diameter and runs on 1 AA battery which is included. Each clock is made to order so your colors may vary slightly from the picture. Convo Shannon if interested in having her create a special clock for you or a loved one!

                  Check Shannybeebo out here too: FacebookTwitterPinterestPicsity

                  Floral Thumbtacks
                  by Erin Porter at The Indoor Garden Shop
                  Value $14.50

                  Erin from The Indoor Garden Shop began her Etsy career years ago selling knitted items but while she loved knitting decided she didn’t enjoy the sales of knitted items as much. In 2011, Erin began selling jewelry making supplies in a new shop (oh what fun on Etsy) but it wasn’t until 2012 when she had the sudden idea to sell handmade thumbtacks and magnets that the Indoor Garden Shop was born. With her background in interior design and planning, Erin uses her passion for mixing texture and color to create interesting palettes to bring a pop of color to your home. Her floral pieces allow the “horticulturally challenged” a chance to create an indoor garden. Now Erin runs two successful Etsy shops from her Atlanta, GA home.

                  This set of 16 pretty thumbtacks features resin flowers in coordinating colors of yellow, coral, turquoise, dark pink and hot pink. Each measures about 1/2”- 1” across. They can be used for a bulletin board, cork board, for a seating board at a wedding, etc. and are great for housewarming gifts, hostess gifts or to keep all to yourself! The winner will receive the set pictured here. Shop at The Indoor Garden Shop for other handcrafted pushpin sets, wine tags, magnets and more!

                  Check out the Indoor Garden Shop here too: Facebook - Instagram

                  Wild and Free Embroidery Hoop
                  by Kristen Van Drie at Kayma Boutique
                  Value $28

                  Kristen is a stay at home mom of two lovely kids, Kaylee and Mark living and working in Lansing, MI. Her children inspire her daily in all aspects of life, which is why she says it was a no brainer to name her business after the two, "brangelina" style, thus Kayma Boutique was born! Kristen has a passion to create that spills into all aspects of life. As a child, she was that sister who constantly made her younger sister make friendship bracelets, color and participate in all sorts of crafting with her. Kristen got her start selling on Etsy when her crocheting hobby started to get out of control (literally). Being able to share her work was wonderful and having people interested in buying her work put her on cloud nine so her entrepreneurial brain decided to go for it! Visit her Etsy shop for more handcrafted items including embroidery hoops, hand crocheted rugs, scarves and more! There is so much love and passion in every unique handmade item which guarantees top notch customer satisfaction.

                  This Wild and Free Embroidery Hoop features a hand embroidered floral arrangement with the quote “Wild and Free” on a linen background. The piece measures about 8” and is hand drawn and embroidered for a unique look. No two hoops will be exactly alike. This design would look great in a bedroom, living room, office space or anywhere the free at heart roam.

                  Check Kayma Boutique out here too: FacebookTwitter - Instagram

                  Horse Locket
                  by Ginny Saltzer at Ginny’s Boutique
                  Value $19.75

                  Ginny tells us she grew up sewing, drawing, remaking her aunt's old prom gowns into some wonderful new creation to play "dress-up" with her sisters. Her creativity was born out of necessity, being the oldest of 7 children in a household on a VERY tight budget. She turned this creativity to jewelry making about 7 years ago and fell in love with making whimsical, theme jewelry. Three years ago she closed her salon that she had run for 25 years and started creating more of the things she loves. For Ginny, there is nothing like the thrill of getting an inspiration for a piece of jewelry and opening box after box of beads and supplies to find just the right combination that ends up making a spectacular piece. She now is able to bring you that thrill via her Etsy shop, Ginny’s Boutique.

                  This vintage style horse locket necklace is made with an antique bronze pocket watch case and an image of a woman with her horse. This equestrian jewelry is perfect for any horse lover. The front of the locket has an open face design framed by a ring of floral design. Just depress the top stem to fully expose the vintage look image. The locket measures 2” and is hung on a 32” chain and placed in a gift box so you can give it to someone you love or treasure it for yourself! Visit Ginny’s Boutique for more equestrian inspired jewelry and other pieces like her music jewelry made from recycled sheets of music!

                  Check Ginny’s Boutique out here too: Facebook

                  Citrus Ginger Scrub Soap
                  by Angela Corcoran at Crazy Good Soap Company
                  Value $10

                  At Crazy Good Soap Company you will find beautiful, all natural soap and luxurious, skin care products. Angela’s products are made with nourishing, high quality, all natural ingredients to pamper your skin from head to toe. The soap is handmade with care in small batches and hand cut in Pennsylvania. It is vegetable based, vegan friendly and never contains synthetic colorants or scents. Angela uses only 100% percent pure, therapeutic essential oils to scent her products. Essential oils are aromatic oils that come from plants and have been used for centuries to help promote balance and health of the body and mind. All of the products from Crazy Good Soap Company are natural and are packaged in earth friendly packaging. No products are tested on animals.

                  Winner of the Wild and Free Giveaway will receive 2 bars of the Citrus Ginger Scrub Soap. Each bar weighs approximately 4 oz. This lovely soap is scented with juicy lemon and grapefruit essential oil with a hint of warm ginger essential oil. It also has apricot seeds for mild exfoliation. This Citrus Ginger soap is sure to help free your mind of any troubles at the end of your day in a nice warm bath! If you are pregnant, nursing or under the age of 5 you should consult with your health care professional before using essential oils. Visit the Crazy Good Soap Company shop for more handcrafted, natural soaps, bath teas and body butters!

                  Check out Crazy Good Soap Company here too: Facebook- PinterestWanelo

                  Fruit Apron
                  by Sam at The Sapphire Key
                  Value $37.50

                  The Sapphire Key is owned by two best friends, Sammy and Cathy. The "business" started out of Sammy's house when she started making aprons that Cathy felt were showroom quality. Cathy convinced Sammy that they were better than mass-produced aprons in stores and that she needed to sell them to the world... therefore The Sapphire Key was born. The pair went from just aprons, to including eye pillows, dream pillows, jewelry satchels, owls, wine bags, and diaper pouches. Sam does most of the creating and sewing from her Savannah home. Cathy sews the owls with the assistance of her daughter, Hannah, and handles most of the business aspect of the shop. Please message them to let them know if you would like something created especially for you.

                  This adult sized apron is fashioned in a mustard colored linen and trimmed with retro pears and apple print and turquoise rick rack. The apron is adjustable by ties at the waist and the strap around the neck has a button closure that allows for three different lengths. There is also a strap on the right side next to the pocket to hold your towel so you do not have to tuck it into your waist-band! Your apron will be slightly different than the one pictured as the red apple trim at the bottom in the picture is also around the pocket (as opposed to the top of the bib area), and the apple print on the bib area is not red, but the same as the trim at the waist. You can look great while in the kitchen or just look like you use your kitchen! Visit The Sapphire Key for more wonderful handmade aprons and be sure to check out the shop’s About Page for more on this shop.

                  Check out The Sapphire Key here too: FacebookTwitter - Website

                  Set of 8 Duct Tape Flower Pen Toppers
                  by Tori Vaughn at Tori’s Tapetals
                  Value $48

                  Tori began making duct tape flowers as a teacher in Eugene, Oregon and sharing them with her students. The demand became overwhelming and prompted Tori to find a venue to sell her flower creations. Since then she has expanded into a few boutiques and retail stores, but Etsy allows her to share her duct tape creations around the country with those who love flowers and duct tape as much as she does! The name Tapetals is a melding of the words "Tape" and "Petals" which describe these durably elegant flowers constructed with duct tape. Tapetals also describes the nutritive part of a flower. Tori hopes the joy you get from receiving a Tori's Tapetals nourishes your soul as much as making them for you enriches hers!

                  Tori’s duct tape flowers come in a variety of colors, patterns and functions. Their main product is the unique and reusable pen toppers. Their creative design enables the user to use them again and again even after your pen runs out of ink; simply slide off the stem and flower (one piece) and onto a brand new pen. The winner of the Wild and Free Giveaway will receive 8 Duct Tape Pen Toppers complete with pen in a variety of patterns and colors to coordinate with the prize package (not exactly as shown in listing). Please visit Tori’s Tapetals on Etsy for headbands, hair clips, rings, magnets and much more!

                  Check out Tori’s Tapetals here too: Facebook

                  Western Hat
                  by Susan and Ron Rodgers at Golden Dream Finds
                  Value $38

                  Susan started out just making hats for fun because she herself loved to wear them. One day her daughter saw how many she had made and said, “Mom what are you going to do with all those hats?” Susan replied, “Give them away.” Her daughter suggested she sell them on Etsy! Susan had no idea 19 months later she would be creating hats to keep her busy, while her husband Ron runs the business end from their home in Fresno, CA. Ron said he loves watching his wife being creative and it's such a good outlet, that he started two more shops on Etsy, "The Apicella Edge" and “Lucky Steampunk” to sell all the different items she kept making. He has now learned to make many items in those shops and enjoys it as much as his wife now. They enjoy all the time they get to spend with each other too!

                  This red cowgirl hat is a summer straw hat in size small/medium. In a sexy red color with red, turquoise and rhinestone embellishments, this hat is sure to be a favorite! Wear it rolled or unrolled and be wild and free this summer or use it to add to the décor of your favorite room! Visit the Rodgers at Golden Dream Finds on Etsy for more embellished hats and other goodies!

                  Check out Golden Dream Finds here too: FacebookTwitterPinterest - Instagram

                  Mosaic Coasters (Set of 4)
                  by Smash Glassworks
                  Value $60

                  A popular approach to home decor is to find that one special piece - the piece that establishes style, color, mood and tone. Using glass as a primary medium, Smash Glassworks aims to create those one-of-a-kind pieces that grab the eye and serve as a foundation for interior design.

                  This unique set of four mosaic coasters was crafted in Toronto, Canada and comes to you in a beautiful aqua, blue and citrine color scheme. Smash Glassworks achieves this gorgeous look with small fragments of tempered glass that are grouted by hand-gilding with gold power. Each coaster is 4 inches in circumference and has a hand-painted cork backing in espresso color. Visit the Smash Glassworks Etsy store for more handcrafted mosaic tableware, frames, mirrors, sun catchers and lighting or contact them to inquire about a custom piece!

                  Check out Smash Glassworks here too: FacebookPinterestWebsiteBlog

                  Horseshoe Boot Charm
                  by Melody Bain at HowlingWolvesJewelry
                  Value $36.95

                  Melody’s love for crafting started at a young age. She says her father could draw anything, paint anything, craft anything...and taught her how to draw cartoons, oil painting and wood work when she was in her teens. Her crafting took her to cross stitch needlepoint and then to jewelry designing about 12 years ago. She started making the boot anklet bling for her niece's wedding last year, which was a cowgirl themed wedding. It was so much fun and the demand for them started! Melody and her husband live in a very rural area about 45 minutes from Mammoth Lakes, CA, in the Eastern Sierras which they love. They have 2 horses, 5 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds...just like a little zoo! The beautiful outdoors and her animals serve as an inspiration for many of the pieces of jewelry you see in Melody’s shop.

                  This rhinestone boot anklet/charm can also be worn as a choker and features Swarovski Crystal Drops and Magnesite Turquoise beads. It also has horseshoe with horsehead, wagon wheel and rowel charms, on an antiqued silver plated chain. Total length is 16 ½ inches but it is totally adjustable. Looks great on any style of boot and if you’d like Melody can make a matching pair. Convo Melody about a custom design and she will design anything you need!

                  Check out HowlingWolvesJewelry here too: FacebookMyStore - Square Market

                  Abstract Horse Photo
                  by Mitch McFarlane at MitchMcFarlanePhotos
                  Value $34.48

                  Mitch has always loved art and photography. She says she enjoys photographing most subjects, but her favorite subjects have always been animals, especially horses as they have such a beautiful and graceful presence. Mitch recently decided to start her own project photographing all of the British native ponies in their native environments. This is leading her to travel all over the country to photograph them, and many of the photos are available in her Etsy shop. In September Mitch is visiting the U.S. and hopes to photograph some wild mustangs!

                  This abstract photo is entitled “Golden” and captures one of the rare Eriskay ponies that live feral on the small Island of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides, Scottish Highlands. The winner receives this image on a 12” X 8” size, printed to order by a professional lab that produces true photographic prints on Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper. It will be signed and dated on the back by Mitch. Visit MitchMcFarlanePhotos on Etsy for not only photographs of horses but animal and nature images - available in prints in many sizes up 45 x 30 inches, canvases up to 60x40 inches. You can also buy phone cases featuring her art and she will be adding pillows and jewelry featuring her images soon.

                  Check out MitchMcFarlanePhotos here too: FacebookPinterestInstagramBlog - Website

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