A Special Room for a Special Surprise

by Tara Woodbury on April 24, 2013


Farm Themed Nursery 

Justine and Ricky from Rock Glen, PA were awaiting the arrival of their baby when they decided to make the room something special for their little one to come home to. Although they wanted the sex of the baby to be a surprise, they still wanted to create a special nursery. After stumbling upon My Wonderful Walls via Google, they fell in love with the Farm Theme, which is perfect for any little one – boy or girl. 

Justine was searching for wall stencils, as she wanted to be able to personalize the room with the baby’s name once he or she was born, which she found was quite simple with our wall stencil kits. Being almost eight months pregnant at the time they worked on the room, Justine got tired very quickly, but they still managed to finish in two weeks, doing a little each evening. 

She said that what took the most time was waiting for each coat of paint to dry. Justine, who is a self-proclaimed impatient person, was happy that her husband is just the opposite - something she joked is both a blessing and a curse. When she would get ready to paint another coat, Ricky would look at her and say – "are you SURE the paint is dry?" She'd check before painting again, and in every case, it turned out to be worth waiting in the end, which she says helped make the room perfect. 

It seems Justine and Ricky spent a lot of time waiting – waiting on paint to dry and waiting on their baby to be born. But when Evan, now eight months old, came home to live in his special room, there was no doubt that it was absolutely perfect for him. Once they brought their baby boy home, Justine went back and finished out his room by adding his name in wood letters at the top of the barn.

Justine says that even though she has no artistic ability, she was still extremely comfortable using our Farm Theme wall mural stencils. And, although it pained her to do so, she highly recommends being patient and making sure the paint is dry. She says that they get many compliments on Evan's room and thanks My Wonderful Walls for creating such "awesome products!" 

Another benefit to waiting was that Justine would come up with new ideas over the course of working on the room. Along with checking out our other customers' photos, she developed her own ideas along the way. She found that as she added each new piece of the mural, the room began to come to life. Aside from the barn wall, this was one of her favorite parts of working on Evan's room.

Thanks Justine and Ricky for sharing your story with us!

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