How to Create Your Own Wall Lettering

by Tara Woodbury on October 28, 2013

DIY wall lettering is very popular right now and while many of our My Wonderful Walls wall sticker kits come with personalization available, sometimes you may just want to add a name or a saying to your walls. Here is a quick lesson in what you will need to create your own wall lettering.

What you will need:  

Printer paper – either letter or legal size

A computer with word processing or graphics software 

Small flathead brush (quarter of an inch works well)

Painter’s tape

Acrylic paint in the color you want for your lettering

One of the following: soft pencil (8B works best),chalk or pastel stick preferably in a light color

Ball point pen

To create your wall lettering first select the font and size of the letters and print out on your paper. If you want really large letters, you can print one letter per page. Next, rub your pencil, chalk or pastel stick over the back of your paper. Make sure you completely cover where the letters are. Pastel sticks can be very easy to work with but you can also use the pencil or chalk. Tap off any excess.

Now tape your paper in place where you want to add your lettering, letters facing out. Using a ball point pen, trace each letter making sure to get the inner and outer edges. Pull off your paper and you will have transferred the letters to your wall. Now you are ready to paint between the lines! After your paint dries you may need to wipe off any chalk or pastel residue. Once it’s clean, you can make any final touch ups. You now have personalized your wall with DIY Wall Lettering! 

The possibilities are endless when you create your own wall lettering. You can add a name, a quote from a book, a favorite saying- anything you can think of and you don’t have to restrict this to walls either. You can personalize doors, tables, signs, chairs, bookcases and more.  You can also use this method in conjunction with any of our wall stencil kits to add a personalized touch to your mural. Now go watch the DIY Wall Lettering Video Tutorial where Michael demonstrates exactly how to create your own wall lettering and then let us know if you try this for your own home. 





Blog post written by Tara