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Elise Mahan Giveaway

If you love nature inspired art or astronomy inspired wall décor you’re going to love this giveaway! Have you had a chance to check out the new Elise Mahan Wall Sticker Collection? We have been fortunate enough to license the rights to about 30 of her most popular pieces and offer them to you in wall sticker form. Elise Mahan’s art is gorgeous, ethereal, cosmic, fantastical and serene. These designs would look great in your baby nursery, child’s room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office and so much more! Keep reading for your chance to win one of the Elise Mahan wall decals in any size you choose!

Elise Mahan brings an appreciation for geometry, astronomy and history to her work. Her paintings draw on ethereal and surreal elements that utilize and explore repetition, geometry, texture and pattern. These astronomy and nature inspired wall decals have been very popular and are wonderful for children and adults alike. By putting her paintings and illustrations in wall sticker format it allows people who can’t hang art in their rental home or apartment or those in dorm rooms to purchase these designs too. Some folks just love the painted on look of our fabric wall stickers! Whatever your reason, we think you’ll love these natural history and astronomy art wall decals. Choose from designs like the gorgeous Aurora and the Elk Mountains wall sticker or Hidden in the Madrone Forest wall sticker. All of the decals in this collection are available in three sizes and come as either circles or rectangle wall decals.

Now it’s your chance to win one of these astronomy and nature wall decals! Simply use our Rafflecopter widget below to enter or you can enter on our Facebook tab. The giveaway will run from Tuesday November 4, 2014 until Thursday November 6, 2014 at midnight EST. Two winners will be randomly selected to receive the Elise Mahan Wall Sticker of their choosing. You can complete as many or as few entries as you like. All entries will be verified.


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Can’t wait to get your hands on one of these gorgeous Elise Mahan Art wall decals? If you purchase one during the giveaway period (11/4-11/6) and your name is chosen as the winner, we will refund you the price you paid plus shipping! So what are you waiting for? Add some celestial art to your walls right now.

Fine Print: A purchase will not improve your chances of winning. To be eligible to win you must be a legal resident of the US, Canada, European Union Nations, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or Philippines and 18+ except where prohibited by law or older. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Please see the full terms and conditions in the Rafflecopter widget for all of the rules and restrictions. Winners will be emailed on November 7th and have 24 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be selected. We are not responsible for missed emails so please make sure you have as a safe domain in your email account. 


Good luck!

Introducing Nature Inspired Wall Decals with Art from Elise Mahan - Meet the Artist 0

Elise Mahan Art Wall Stickers

Over the past few months My Wonderful Walls has been sourcing new artists to partner with in order to expand and diversify our wall stickers for kids and grown-ups. One of the downfalls of running a business and being an artist, Michael can tell you, is you only have so much time to be creative. But one of the great things about this is finding artists from all over the country and the world who have a passion for art education and art like he and Stephanie do. It has also allowed us to add all kinds of art to our wall decal collections that we otherwise couldn’t offer.

Elise Mahan is one of these artists and brings an appreciation for geometry, astronomy and history to her work. Her paintings draw on ethereal and surreal elements that utilize and explore repetition, geometry, texture and pattern. We were lucky enough to be able to choose about 30 of her pieces to use as wall sticker designs. These astronomy and nature inspired wall decals have been very popular and are wonderful for children and adults alike.

Forest Wall StickersYou can choose from such designs as the celestial Hidden in the Madrone Forest Wall Sticker with red barked trees against a beautiful blue sky or the fantastical Beluga Migration Wall Decal featuring four beluga whales migrating through a blue starry night sky while pulling a bit of the Earth along with them. The Elise Mahan Wall Stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes perfect for many rooms in your home, office or school.


We thought it would be fun to learn a little more about Elise and her art:

My Wonderful Walls: Where were you born?
Elise Mahan: I was born in Phoenix,AZ

MWW: Where do you currently live now?
EM: Oakland, CA

MWW: Were you always interested in art? How and when did you begin?
EM: I started painting and drawing as a kid, and I never stopped.

MWW: When did it turn professional?
EM: I quit my job as a museum arts educator about 6 months ago when my artwork started pulling in more income than my day job.

MWW: Did you go to school to study art/graphic art?
EM: I studied art history at Mills College and San Francisco State, and am admittedly mostly self-taught as a painter with a few visual art classes here and there.

MWW: What inspires your art?
EM: Everything, I look to all the amazing places in my city. I also look to landscape and environment across the planet as my inspiration.

MWW: What medium(s) do you prefer?
EM: I paint with gouache, watercolor, metallic inks, walnut ink, and I usually work on top of that with archival pen.

MWW: What are your favorite things to draw/create?
EM: It changes a lot but right now, I am fascinated with the landscape of Patagonia and the arctic.

MWW: What is your favorite My Wonderful Walls wall sticker you have been involved with creating?
EM: I really like the harvest moon sticker that was created by My Wonderful Walls.

MWW: Tell us about your artistic environment.
EM: I do my artwork in a live/work studio that I share with my fiancée in East Oakland. It can be a chaotic urban environment, so I try to create a calm studio filled with plants, sculptures, a growing collection of artwork from local artists, terrariums, bonsai, globes and maps.

MWW: What is the best time for you to create?
EM: I work best in the morning with a good cup of dark roast coffee by my side, and usually a cat in my lap.

MWW: What are some of your other interests?
EM: I adore reading, writing, gardening and running. I love building terrariums. My partner is teaching me to sculpt. I teach art to kids at a local non-profit.

MWW: Is anyone else in your family an artist?
EM: My grandmother was an artist, and so is my mother.

MWW: Do you live solely off your art or do you have another job/career?
EM: I teach art part time at a non-profit in Oakland called Children’s Fairyland, and the rest of the time I get to make art.

MWW: Do you have a favorite piece of work you’ve done? If so, what?
EM: Right now I am working on a large-scale painting that might be a favorite, I haven’t even gotten it photographed yet, but it’s called Odessa and the ethereal universe.

MWW: How did you get involved with My Wonderful Walls?
EM: They found my Etsy shop and contacted me about being a featured artist. They were so lovely and kind I decided to join them.

If you’d like to see more of what Elise is working on, check out her website Elise Mahan Visual Art or follow her on Instagram.  And if you’re a huge fan of the new Elise Mahan Wall Sticker Collection, make sure you visit our blog or Facebook page starting next week for a great giveaway to win one of your own!


Beluga Whales Wall DecalMoon Wall Decal


Blog post written by Tara.