Splendid Garden Stencil Paint Kit

Product Description
$57.99 USD


  • available in 3 color schemes
  • paint kit for the Splendid Garden Stencil Kit
  • contains just the right colors and quantity to paint entire room 
  • pre-selected colors makes painting garden mural easy 
  • versions 1 & 2 – you’ll receive 16 2-oz. bottles and 4 8-oz. bottles of acrylic paint
  • version 3 – you’ll receive 18 2-oz. bottles and 3 8-oz. bottles of acrylic paint 
  • paint kit and stencil kit sold separately 
  • NOTE: We cannot ship paint kits outside the continental U.S.

Painting your flower garden wall mural is even easier when you purchase one of our acrylic paint kits. We’ve designed three versions for the Splendid Garden Stencil Kit (sold separately). In each paint kit, you’ll receive just the right colors and quantities of acrylic paint in order to complete your garden mural.

Version 1: Select this version to create a white tree trunk with bright two-toned pink flowers and others bright and cheery colorful garden elements. VERSION 1 IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK 
Version 2: Select this version to create a brown tree with two-tone pink flowers as well as other bright and bold garden elements. This is our most popular choice!
Version 3: Select this version to create a brown tree trunk with two-tone turquoise flowers and beautiful blues, greens and golds for the other garden elements.

Latex paint for background is not included in paint kit. For your convenience these are the colors used in the sample photos:
Version 1:
Sky - Politely Purple A42-3, Olympic, Lowe’s
Hills - Mauve Magic A41-4, Olympic, Lowe’s
Version 2:
Sky - Sonora Rose A41-2, Olympic, Lowe’s
Hills - Lettuce Alone B68-3, Olympic, Lowe’s
Version 3:
Sky -Blue Dusk A58-2, Olympic, Lowe’s
Hills - Bleached Spruce B67-3, Olympic, Lowe’s

Attention International Customers:  Please note that we do not ship paints outside the U.S. unless an additional shipping fee is assessed (which is typically an extra $25-$35). If interested, please contact us.

NOTE: Stencil and paint kits sold separately

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