Craftsmen Pattern Wall Stencil - Self-Adhesive

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$29.99 USD

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Mimic the modern flair of your favorite “Mad Men” and bring their bold, 1960s style to your own home with our craftsmen pattern wall stencils. This high-demand interlocking pattern makes a statement in any room. Use our craftsmen pattern wall stencils for a contrast wall in your formal living room or bring a vintage theme to your man cave. You can’t help but channel mid-century luxury when you choose our craftsmen pattern wall stencils for your mid-renovation upgrades. All of our craftsmen wall décor stencils are self-adhesive and require zero additional (and potentially harmful) spray adhesive on our end. Just peel and stick! Each pattern piece is 11"w x 11"h, and each stencil sheet is approximately 2'w x 3'h.

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