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Dog Stickers in Watercolor - 7 Dog Decals

$31.99 USD
  1. Sizes range from 4.5 x 8.5 in. to 16 x 13 in.
  2. Super easy to apply - simply peel and stick
  3. Great for walls, windows, virtually any flat surface
  4. Made of removable vinyl with a matte finish
  5. Will work on lightly textured surfaces
  6. Can be used indoors and outdoors
  7. Repositionable, removable & mess-free
  8. Printed with GreenGuard Certified inks for low VOC
  9. Superb in quality and design

In watercolor's dance, dog stickers take flight,

Silhouettes in vibrant hues, a whimsical sight.

French and English bulldogs, with charm so sweet,

Golden and Labrador Retrievers, their grace complete.

Poodle, German Shepherd, and Dachshund, too,

This sticker set brings joy, for dog lovers it's true.

Removable and repositionable, they find their place,

Vinyl treasures waterproof, adorning any smooth surface with grace.

A gift for the dog aficionado, their hearts it will lift,

These seven decals, a celebration of the canine gift.

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