Flower Wall Decals for Girls Room – Peel & Stick Flower Stickers - MINI SET

Product Description
$36.99 USD
  • Transform your girl’s room or nursery into a stunning flower garden scene in minutes with our flower decals including a 3-foot tree wall decal, a wide assortment of flower decals, bird stickers, butterfly decals, peacock decal, bee sticker, sun sticker, cloud decals, frog decal, snail decal, mouse sticker, and watering can decal.
  • You'll receive 41 flower garden wall decals
  • Super easy to put up - just peel and stick
  • Repositionable, reusable, layerable
  • No mess, no fuss, no residue when removed, no damage to walls
  • Looks hand-painted on the wall - no white outline or harsh edges.
  • Made in the USA 

Full Description

Simply stunning! Create a garden paradise in your girl’s room, baby nursery or baby shower with this flower wall art decal set! This peel & stick floral sticker set is ultra-easy to put up and is filled with a wide assortment of flower stickers, a giant flowering tree wall decal, butterfly decals, bird stickers and other garden elements that your girls will love for years. This timeless flower wall decor is the perfect touch for nurseries, bedrooms, bathrooms, baby shower decorations and more! The floral wall decals are easily repositionable and removable with no fuss and no mess! And due to the fact that they have no white outlines or harsh edges and given the details in the design, they truly look hand-painted on the walls.

What's included in this set? You’ll receive 41 decals including: a 3-foot floral tree wall decal, a wide assortment of flower decals (3 lilies, 4 daisies, 3 hollyhocks, 4 daffodils), 4 bird decals, 6 butterfly stickers, peacock decal, 6 bee stickers, sun sticker, 3 cloud decals, frog decal, snail decal, mouse sticker, and watering can decal.

NOTE: The green backdrop hill sticker shown in the video is SOLD SEPARATELY. You can purchase it HERE.  

How big are the stickers? Here are a few measurements: tree with flowers 18"w X 34"h; hollyhock 3"w X 15"h; bee 2.2"w X 1.8"h; daisy 3.6"w X 10.4"h

How is this kit different than the larger and more expensive Splendid Garden Sticker Kit? This is a shrunken down version of the larger kit. It's roughly 1/3 to 1/2 the size. Also, not all the elements in the big kit are included in this mini kit. 

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