Forest Friends Wall Stencil Kit for Kids Rooms

Product Description
$72.99 USD
Paint a colorful full-room forest themed wall mural with this easy-to-do DIY Forest Friends Stencil Kit!
  • You'll receive 29 individual forest stencils included all your favorite forest animal friends, giant tree, flowers and more!
  • Absolutely no artistic skill required!
  • It's fun and easy to do! View Instruction Guide HERE
  • Self-adhesive feature makes stenciling simple!
  • Add that extra special touch with a personalized trail sign!
  • 2 coordinating paint packs available! See them HERE
    International Customers:  We do not ship paints outside the U.S. unless an additional shipping fee is assessed. If interested, please contact us.

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Full Description

Want to create a spectacular and imaginative forest theme room for your child? If so, our Forest Friends Stencil Kit is for you! Your child’s imagination will run wild as she plays and sleeps among all her favorite friendly forest animals, giant trees, mushrooms, woodland foliage and more! This is such a versatile kit as it can be used to create a forest scene for both boys and girls. This DIY forest theme wall mural stencil kit is fun and easy to do. There is absolutely no artistic skill required. Our wall stencils are self-adhesive, so no tape or glue is needed. Just stick the stencil to the wall, paint, remove, and reuse them again and again to create a truly spectacular room for your little boy or girl! Happy painting!

Note: Latex paint for background is not included in paint pack. For your convenience these are the colors used in the photos:

  • Gender Neutral Version: Sky-Spring Waterfall A54-3, Olympic, Lowe’s; Hills- Everglade Glen 6003-6A, Valspar, Lowe’s
  • Girly Version: Sky-Frosted Tulip A32-2, Olympic, Lowe’s; Hills-Everglade Glen 6003-6A, Valspar, Lowe’s

Self-adhesive Wall Stencils Included
tree trunk wall stencil 46"h x 17.5"w (2 pieces),2 tree flowers wall stencil 4"h x 4.5"w, tree leaves wall stencils large 2 - 6.5"h x 3"w, tree leaves wall stencils small 2 - 4"h x 2"w, mushroom wall stencil large 7.5"h x 5.5"w, mushroom wall stencil small 5.5"h x 4"w, daisy wall stencil 8.5"h x 4"w, poppy wall stencil 10"h x 3.5"w, lily pad wall stencil 2"h x 6"w, water lily wall stencil 2.5"h x 3.5"w, cattail wall stencil 20"h x .75"w, cattail leaf wall stencil 12"h x 2"w, cattail leaf wall stencil 11.5"h x 2"w, curly grass wall stencil 9"h x 5.5"w, grass wall stencil 9"h x 7"w, sun wall stencil 8.5"h x 8.5"w, cloud wall stencil 5"h x 11.5"w, sign post wall stencil 22.5"h x 9.5"w, tortuous / turtle wall stencil 6.5"h x 11"w, fox wall stencil 12"h x 9.5"w, dragonfly wall stencil 4"h x 6"w, butterfly wall stencil 4"h x 5"w, mouse wall stencil 3.5"h x 3"w, rabbit wall stencil 8"h x 5"w, owl wall stencil 6"h x 4.5"w, frog wall stencil 4"h x 12"w, squirrel wall stencil 3.5"h x 7.5"w, deer wall stencil 12.5"h x 10"w, sparrow bird wall stencil 1 - 7.5"h x 6"w, sparrow bird wall stencil 2 - 6.5"h x 7.5"w, snail wall stencil 2.5"h x 6"w, inch worm wall stencil 1.5"h x 2.5"w

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