Ocean Wall Decor – Peel & Stick Under the Sea Wall Kit
Ocean Wall Decor – Peel & Stick Under the Sea Wall Kit
sea turtle sticker
angel fish sticker
octopus sticker
angler fish sticker
shark sticker
clown fish sticker
crab sticker
clam sticker
anchor sticker
dolphin sticker
fish sticker
mermaid sticker
mer king  sticker
lobster sticker
brain coral sticker
coral sticker
fish sticker
sea anemone sticker
seahorse sticker
seal sticker
seashell  sticker
seashell  sticker
seashell  sticker
whale sticker
squid sticker
sea star sticker
stingray sticker
submarine sticker
swordfish sticker
tube sponge sticker
fish sticker
kelp sticker
seaweed sticker
seaweed sticker

Ocean Wall Decals – Peel & Stick Under the Sea Wall Sticker Kit - MINI SET

$36.99 USD
  1. Create an instant colorful ocean scene for your nursery or child’s room with these endearing ocean wall decals including a wide assortment of fish decals, ocean animal stickers, sea plants decals, mermaid stickers and more!
  2. You'll receive 44 under the sea wall stickers
  3. Super easy to put up - just peel and stick
  4. Repositionable, reusable, layerable
  5. No mess, no fuss, no residue when removed, no damage to walls
  6. Looks hand-painted on the wall - no white outline or harsh edges.
  7. Made in the USA 

 Full Description

Create an instant colorful ocean wall mural with these endearing ocean wall decals! This peel & stick sticker set is ultra-easy to put up and is filled with a wide assortment of fish decals, ocean animal stickers and ocean plants decals that your child will love for years! Our ocean wall art is the perfect touch for nurseries, bedrooms, playrooms, doctors’ offices, classrooms and more! The ocean wall decals are easily repositionable and removable with no fuss and no mess! They also make great decorations for an under the sea birthday party or under the sea baby shower! Use them as decorations first and move them to the bedroom after the party! Genius!

What's included in this set? You’ll receive 44 decals including: octopus decal, mama and baby whale sticker, sea turtle decal, swordfish decal, shark sticker, dolphin decal, stingray sticker, submarine decal, angelfish decal, anglerfish fish decal, clownfish decals, mermaid sticker, merman sticker, seal decal, squid sticker, crab decal, sea horse decal, submarine sticker, anchor decal, a wide assortment of fish decals, sea shell decals, coral stickers, and a variety of sea plant decals.

NOTE: The sand backdrop decal shown in the video is SOLD SEPARATELY. You can purchase it HERE

How big are the stickers? Here are a few measurements: sea turtle 11.5"w X 8"h; shark 10.4"w X 4"h; octopus 12"w X 8.3"h; clownfish 4.4"w X 2.3"h; round seaweed 5"w X 12.8"h; small red fish 3"w X 1.4"h

How is this kit different than the larger and more expensive Under the Sea Wall Sticker Kit? This is a shrunken down version of the larger kit. It's roughly 1/3 to 1/2 the size. Also, not all the elements in the big kit are included in this mini kit. 

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