Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Stencil

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$11.99 USD

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This awesome T-Rex stencil is absolutely perfect for your kids' dinosaur mural! It also looks great all by itself. You can paint it anyway you'd like and as many times as you'd like! So use our example colors, or your child's favorite colors! The self adhesive design of our stencils makes creating an awesome mural easy - it requires absolutely no artistic talent! Just place the 17"w x 23"h tyrannosaurus rex wall stencil to the wall, paint in, and remove! It also looks spectacular with the rest of the set from the Dinosaur Days Wall Mural Stencil Kit. It isn't limited to walls, it can be placed on wooden furniture, or just about anywhere with a flat surface for a great way to spice up the different parts of a dinosaur room!

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