Farm Decals Make Creating Animal Themed Nursery Mural Fun!

by Tara Woodbury on May 14, 2015

Farm Themed Nursery

What does an attorney who is a talented photographer and budding vegan chef married to an animal lover choose for a nursery mural theme? Why a farm wall mural of course! Steve and Debbie in Gaithersburg, MD had settled that question long before Asher was born luckily. The expectant parents went to work at creating a fun, colorful nursery for Asher that could be easily changed in the future if needed and wouldn’t be too difficult for self-described “not artistic” parents like Steve and Debbie. The project took a little over three months but Steve tells us that was because he would work on it here and there. He surprised himself with how much he enjoyed working on the room and how easy it was once he got started.

Though Asher was too young to have an opinion on his farm themed nursery when we received this testimonial his parents said they had only positive reactions from all who saw it. Grandma even made up songs to sing to Asher focusing on the animals throughout his room. Steve told us he chose the stickers versus wall stencils because he liked the idea that he could relocate them if needed without having to repaint. He also didn’t want to deal with a bunch of different paints. The parents to be did order some additional wall decals through Stephanie to complete the look but that was the only additional element to the mural. Steve told us that Stephanie was “awesome” to deal with and he could tell she really cares about her customers.

Steve’s artistic comfort level was pretty low (maybe better now that he’s created this great room). While a talented photographer as you can see on his website, this was the first DIY nursery mural he had attempted. Steve said, “I had never even painted a wall, let alone paint a base coat of blue for the sky, then green for the hills and then a collage of stickers on top of that. I also re-built the closet and swapped out all the electrical sockets, so this was a total makeover for the room. I really enjoyed it, from beginning to end!” The pair were able to use pictures from our customer gallery to give them ideas about where to place stickers in relation to other stickers and used the video on how to paint the hills to teach Steve how to do that.

Now that the DIY bug has bitten the couple, perhaps Dad will spend some of his free time in the future teaching Asher how to remodel a room like his. And when he outgrows his farm nursery and is looking for a new wall mural he can tell mom and dad to check out My Wonderful Walls for his big boy room!


Before and After Nursery Mural

Farm Themed MuralBarn Wall Decal


Blog post written by Tara.