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How to Use Flower Stencils for DIY Decor 0

Rose Stencil

Flower stencils can be used paint an attractive room border, an element of a larger wall mural, or to accent doors, ceilings, furniture, accessories and other craft projects. Our self-adhesive wall stencils make it so easy to create a beautiful flower pattern or a single large bloom. And they aren’t just for your walls! If you have a flower lover in your life keep reading to see several easy DIY flower stencil projects you can create in no time.
My Wonderful Walls carries several flower stencils perfect for kids’ rooms or grown up spaces. Some of our new designs include the English Rose Stencil, Dandelion Stencil and Cherry Blossoms Stencil Set. Whichever bloom you choose, you can’t go wrong with our self-adhesive stencils. For stencil painting, here is a list of general supplies you will need:


  • Acrylic paints - used for stenciling
  • Some of your background paint for touch ups
  • Pre-painted room - painted with latex paint (semi-gloss or satin recommended)
  • Brushes – We recommend a small foam roller brush for small stencils and large roller brush for larger stencils and stencil brushes or flat top bristle brushes to add shading and texture if desired
  • 1 fine-tip brush for touch-ups
  • Paper plates and paint tray
  • Paper towels and baby wipes
  • Scissors - used for separating stencils


To use our wall stencils to create a perfect flower design, you simply need to peel the stencil from the back, press it on your walls (no adhesive needed) and begin painting. Check out this video below that shows you how easy our English Rose Wall Stencils are to use.

My Wonderful Walls stencils are great for crafting and painting furniture too! Want to create a stenciled table? Use the same steps you would to create a flower pattern on your walls and apply it to a wooden table.

Want to create a beautiful flower throw pillow like those shown here but you can’t sew? Buy a plain white pillow and use our flower stencils to create your own. This is a much less expensive solution and you can brag to your friends that you created those adorable accent pillows.

Flower Pillows

Looking to create fun favors for a party or wedding shower? How about painting your own canvas tote bags and stuffing them full of goodies for your guests? Our stencils are perfect for painting canvas. Just apply the stencils, paint with a sponge brush and repeat! You will easily have beautiful flower tote bags in no time.

You can even use our stencils outdoors! Try our Cherry Blossoms Stencil Set to paint a fun mailbox. Use acrylic paint with a clear coating of polyurethane spray for projects like this. You can also paint a beautiful dandelion fence by using our stencils and exterior latex paint. Now you can have a reminder of warmer months all year long!

How to Decorate a Mailbox

Whether you want to create a flower mural in your bedroom, or just paint a beautiful single rose, our self-adhesive stencils will help you get the look you want. And once you’ve added a stunning flower design to your walls, don’t let the fun stop there. Add some floral charm to furniture, doors, canvas totes and much, much more. Let us know in the comments below what you’ll be stenciling this year!

ColorMe Zen! Top 5 Reasons Adult Coloring Is Good For The Soul 0

Serenity Mandala ColorMe Decal by Cristina McAllister

When we color, we color for lots of reasons. It's fun, it gives us a sense of creative accomplishment, it’s relaxing, and it’s meditative. But, how can such a simple, age-old activity bring our body and mind to a much needed state of zen? Check out these top 5 reasons why coloring is good for the soul:

1). Coloring is Meditative: Because coloring is a repetitive activity, it brings your mind to a peaceful, trance-like state while also allowing you to focus on what you’re coloring and easily shut out other internal and external distractions, just as you would do in meditation. Serenity mandalas and geometric patterns are the perfect designs for anti-stress. The idea is not to think too much about the colors you choose, just let yourself be free and enjoy the moment. You will be amazed at the beautiful color combinations when you’re done! 

2). Coloring Gives Us a Chance to Slow. Down: In our hectic, fast paced lives, we need a chance to escape our electronics, and take our eyes off the television. Stop and color the roses every once in a while, such as this Calming Calla Lilly ColorMe Decal, and give yourself some time to indulge in your inner artist. It’s important to take breaks and spend time with family and friends, or just some quiet time to yourself and delve into the nostalgic world of coloring to help you de-stress and decompress.

3). Coloring is Cheaper Than a TherapistLet’s face it, we all feel frazzled from time to time. But, it’s understandable considering the loooong “to-do” lists ahead of us each day. From the early morning rush to work, getting the kids off to school with backpacks and lunches in hand, after school activities, dinner, and homework, it’s no wonder we all need a therapist! We just didn’t expect to find one in a box of crayola. The truth is, you don’t need expensive yoga classes or a big time commitment to relax and meditate, you just need to grab yourself a ColorMe Decal and a box of your favorite markers or paints. Your kids, your spouse, and your pocket book will thank you for it.

4). Coloring is FUN: These days, coloring isn’t just for kids. As a matter of fact, adults of all ages are getting in on the ever growing and popular adult coloring trend. Because coloring allows you to be social and creative at the same time, it’s a great activity for social gatherings and family get togethers. Coloring can also help you focus your mind when alone, travel inward into deep state of consciousness that allows you to relax, reflect, and meditate. So, whether you’re in a party mood and looking for an enjoyable group activity, or you just want some quiet, reflective time to yourself, look no further than your ColorMe Decal and a box of markers or your favorite paints.

5). Coloring is a Form of Artistic Self Expression: You don’t have to be an artist or have a fancy schmancy art degree to express yourself in a creative way. You just need simple, elementary coloring skills! When you’re able to solely focus on providing the colors for a picture or design, it takes away the dilemma and intimidating prospect of creating something from scratch. While it might pay off to be Betty Crocker in the kitchen, it’s not necessary to be Van Gogh when it comes to creating your very own decorative masterpiece. With coloring, the design is already there for you, you just have to provide the color. So go ahead and express yourself by staying inside the lines, while thinking outside the box!

So, now that you know the top 5 reasons why coloring is good for the soul, whatcha waitin for?! Grab your markers and paints and get your zen on!

Jungle Animal Wall Art Perfect Fit for Giraffe Loving Nathan 0

Jungle Themed Kids Room

While mom Wendy works at an animal humane society in Benson, Minnesota, her son Nathan has always had a special place in his heart for animals. He especially loves giraffes and when Wendy decided they needed to give Nathan a more grown up bedroom complete with wall art , his stuffed giraffes stayed. But the question of how to incorporate his love for giraffes to the walls came up of course. Mom painted the walls bright green as she saw on our website, picked out some canvas wall art to create a jungle wall mural for Nathan and added a few special touches to the room. Now Nathan, who is an eight year old boy with Down Syndrome seems to really appreciate his new room.

Wendy’s mother is an artist so she feels like a little rubbed off on her and while our canvas wall art is super easy to hang, you will find our wall stickers and wall stencils very user friendly too. Painting the room and hanging the art took Wendy about two days to complete. She says the jungle themed wall art was easy to measure, arrange and hang. The room was kept as a surprise for Nathan and when his new bedroom was revealed he was in awe. Wendy says they added a white shelf with some quality stuffed animals to coordinate with the theme as well as a giraffe print comforter set. All in all she had a great experience using My Wonderful Walls products and Nathan is happy with his big boy room too!

Jungle themed wall murals are great for infants or children. You may choose to create an animal safari theme in your child’s bedroom, nursery, playroom, dentist office, doctor office or classroom. If you are looking to create a jungle themed kids room, please check out our wall decal kit or Jungle Safari Wall Stencil Kit. We also have a coordinating Jungle Growth Chart Wall Sticker and many more individual stickers or stencils.

Thanks Wendy and Nathan for sharing with us and we hope you are still enjoying your jungle wall art!



*Please note My Wonderful Walls no longer carries canvas art.

Blog post written by Tara

Classy Car Canvas Art Inspires Giant Wall Mural in Milwaukee 1

Car Wall Art

When our customers order wall décor from us we are very often in awe of the results when they share pictures of their finished rooms. This was definitely the case when Hana and Michal shared pics of their giant car wall mural painted for their firstborn son. In their case, a mistake in ordering actually inspired a work of art and a beautiful new baby room.

Hana and Michal wanted to create a large car wall mural for the son they were expecting. They wanted something that a boy would like as he grew up and something that would cover a whole wall. They ordered the Classy Car Canvas Wall Art from our transportation themed wall art line not realizing the size of the piece. When it wasn’t the size they expected, the parents to be decided to use it as a guide to free hand sketch the image on their nursery wall. They used pencil to sketch the image on the wall and then painted it in with regular wall paint in bright and primary colors. Though she wouldn’t call them artistic, Hana says the whole thing took about a day to do. She remarked, “we were surprised we actually did it”. They may add some stars and a plane at one point but for now the couple is pretty happy with the giant wall mural they created. We have to agree!

Not ready to draw a mural free hand? Try our self-adhesive wall stencils which are available in a variety of themes including Transportation Fascination. Our easy to use DIY stencil kits allow even a novice painter the ability to create an amazing wall mural in the nursery, kids room or beyond! We also now feature individual wall stencils so you can add a few smaller elements to an existing mural or add a pop of color to any room. If you are intimidated by the thought of painting a wall mural even with stencils, try our repositionable wall stickers and create a new look in minutes! We have decals in every theme from flowers to fairy princesses and from astronauts to airplanes. Check them out at My Wonderful Walls today.

Classy Car Canvas Wall ArtCar Wall Mural


Blog post written by Tara.

DIY Wall Art Projects You Can Do In No Time 0

 Butterfly Mural

Here at My Wonderful Walls we are all about creating beautiful wall murals and helping our customers bring out their inner artist. Whether you are decorating a kids room or an adult space, there are so many inexpensive ways you can add a little “oomph” to your walls with very little effort or expense.

One way to add a quick personalized touch to any room is to use wall lettering. You can buy wall stencils but sometimes you are limited in what phrases you can purchase. Why not create your own wall lettering? Check out this easy tutorial from Michael, owner of My Wonderful Walls, on creating wall lettering with a few simple materials and very little time! You can use these simple steps to add personalization to a bedroom or add a special phrase to a living space.

Another easy way to add a pop of color without spending a fortune or making permanent changes, is to take a stencil or two designed for walls and use them to decorate a canvas. Instead of purchasing ready to hang art, create the perfect piece of art for you and your room with a few simple materials. Perfect for apartment dwellers or is really great if you’ve already purchased wall stencils and want to add a few pieces of hanging art to enhance any space. Check out the how to video where Michael will show you how to create your own canvas art in no time.

Looking for something totally unique? Check out this String Artwork from Better Homes & Gardens. Not only is it gorgeous and fun, it’s a great use for that extra string you have laying around in your junk drawer! Wouldn't this be fun during the holidays?

String Art

No matter what your artistic comfort level, there is an easy solution to add something unique to your walls in no time. Check out My Wonderful Walls for more wall art, wall stickers and stencil kits for wall murals and if you use any of these ideas, please feel free to share them with us!


Blog post written by Tara

A Successful Blending of Two Girls Room Themes 2


tree stencil fairy art

Recently, David and Carolyn from Australia shared their painting experience with us, and we are pleased to announce that another family from Shailer Park, Queensland, Australia, has done the same. Sandra recently created a bedroom for her daughter Sophie, combing together two of our very popular themes together: the Flower Garden Wall Mural and the Fairy Wall Mural. This provided an amazing play space for her daughter, who loves to lay on her bed and imagine what it would be like to be a fairy playing in the garden.

Sandra found My Wonderful Walls through a simple Internet search and knew that these two themes combined would be perfect for her daughter Sophie. She choose the 3-panel canvas Fairy Parade for one wall and the Splendid Garden Stencil Kit for the other.

She has experience painting and thought this project would be simple and fun; boy was she right - she was able to complete the project in only one day! However, she will admit that while she started painting with a small brush, she found a different way that was quicker and simpler. She ended up using a sponge to paint, as it was both faster and resulted in a unique and fun finished wall mural.

As an avid painter, Sandra had used stencils from other companies before. According to Sandra, they were the small plastic-type stencils; she soon realized that the unique design of the My Wonderful Walls stencils worked much better. She mentioned that our stencils lay flatter against the wall, making it simple to stay within the stencil lines without fear of the paint bleeding through underneath.

baby room wall mural  baby room wall mural   flower room painting

When ordering the wall mural stencil kit, Sandra had the pleasure of chatting and dealing with the customer services representatives of our company. She was surprised at how quickly her wall decor arrived and the condition they were in, especially since they were shipped all the way to Australia.

While creating the fairy garden for her daughter, Sophie, Sandra did use the photos on our website for reference. She said that it gave her some ideas on how to arrange the characters, but she also used her own creativity in the design. As with many of our customers, Sandra added her own personal touch by painting Sophie's name into one of the scenes. She also intends to add a fairy door so that Sophie can imagine that the fairies have a doorway into the garden when she is spending time in her room staring and smiling at the fairies.

When it came to the bugs and butterflies, although Sophie was too young to help, her older sister was able to help Sandra get them finished. It turns out that Sandra's favorite part is the butterflies and the picket fence. Although Sandra found this to be a fairy simple project, she does recommend that anyone who uses the wall stencils takes their time, as it helps ensure that your finished masterpiece will be successful as well.

flower room tree mural