Forest Friends Stencil Paint Kit

Product Description
$42.99 USD
  • available in 2 color schemes
  • paint kit for the Forest Friends Stencil Kit
  • contains the right colors and quantity to paint forest mural 
  • pre-selected colors makes painting your wall mural even easier 
  • version 1 you’ll receive 10 2-oz. bottles and 3 8-oz. bottles of acrylic paint
  • version 2 – you’ll receive 16 2-oz. bottles and 2 8-oz. bottles of acrylic paint
  • paint kit and stencil kit sold separately 

Full Description
Painting your forest wall mural is even easier when you purchase one of our acrylic paint kits. We’ve designed 2 versions for the Forest Friends Stencil Kit (sold separately), one with more boyish or gender neutral hues, and one perfect for your little girl. In each paint kit, you’ll receive just the right colors and quantities of acrylic paint to complete your delightful forest mural.

Version 1: This is the perfect choice for your boy’s room or if you want to create a forest mural that is gender neutral. The paint kit includes soft hues of green, orange, blue, gold and brown. 

Version 2: Select this version to create a feminine space full of pink, green, white, gold, brown, turquoise and orange.

Latex paint for background is not included in paint kit. For your convenience these are the colors used in the photos:
Version 1:
Sky: Spring Waterfall A54-3, Olympic, Lowe’s
Hills: Everglade Glen 6003-6A, Valspar, Lowe’s

Version 2:
Sky: Frosted Tulip A32-2, Olympic, Lowe’s
Hills: Everglade Glen 6003-6A, Valspar, Lowe’s

Note: Paint kit and stencil kit are sold separately.

Attention International Customers:  Please note that we do not ship paints outside the U.S. unless an additional shipping fee is assessed (which is typically an extra $25-$35). If interested, please contact us.

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