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Top Five Halloween Inspired DIY Decor and Craft Ideas! 4

Pumpkin DIY Decor

Will you be celebrating Halloween this year? What about the Day of the Dead? Either way you can have so much fun this fall with decorating, costumes and parties. It can be a magical time of year. But if you have a Halloween party planned or you like to dress up your house for trick or treating, time is starting to run out! Here are our top five picks for Halloween inspired décor and crafts you can easily do yourself. No tricks here! Just treats!


  1. This is one craft that looks easy and fun for kids of all ages; a Melted Crayon Pumpkin.  Have you ever done melted crayon art on a canvas? This DIY from Allison on Mom Spark is along the same idea but with a faux pumpkin you can get from most craft or big box stores. Super easy and the youngest of kiddos can help with this one.
Pumpkin DIY Decor

    1.  If pumpkins aren’t your thing, how about this amazingly simple and cheap idea from Cute DIY Projects. You seriously have to take pictures and send them to us if you try this. These glow in the dark eyes take two items, one of which you probably already have and about 5 minutes of your time. Your house will be the most popular on the block!

    Glow in the Dark Eyes for Halloween

    1.  Are you having a Halloween party while you wait for the Zombie Apocalypse? Try this DIY Zombie Window or Door idea from Dave Lowe Design. Be sure to check out his whole blog for lots of ghoulish ideas if you want your house to be the one all the kids are just a little afraid to visit this Halloween. 

    DIY Zombie Door

    1. Get back to basics with these super simple Lawn Ghosts!  Ruth at Listotic tells you how it’s done. 

    DIY Lawn Ghosts

    1. Finally, if you’re celebrating Día de los Muertos you could make these Sugar Skull Dolls from ZingzingTree. These look so adorable and are something your older kids can definitely handle.

     Sugar Skull Doll

    What fun crafts or décor items do you like to make during this time of year? Comment below and let us know. Happy Halloween!


    How to Accessorize an Under the Sea Kids Room 3


     Under the Sea Room Decor

    Many of our customers create a unique room mural with My Wonderful Walls Under the Sea Wall Stickers or stencils but to really pull a room together, you may want to add some cute ocean themed accessories. There’s no need to spend a fortune to have a well decorated kids room or nursery. Here are five of our favorite DIY nautical and beach themed décor ideas from around the web for any Under the Sea themed kids room:


    1. You’ll have a whale of a time creating this beautiful painted whale dresser for your baby nursery or kid’s bedroom. DecoArt gives you step by step instructions and a list of supplies with downloadable pdfs of the whale art so even the most novice DIYer can do it! 
    Ombre Whale Dresser
    1.  Use what nature gave us and create this Driftwood Seahorse from Creative in Chicago. If you don’t live close to the beach, this one may be a little tough but we’ve also seen similar created with wine corks.
    DIY Seahorse Art

    1. Heather at Chickabug made this Starfish Salt Dough Garland for the holidays but you could adorn a window or a wall with it as well. 
    Starfish Salt Dough Ornament

    1. Not quite ready to take the plunge and get that pet fish? Create this Mini Mason Jar Aquarium with your kiddos and give them the faux version. 
    DIY Mini Mason Jar Aquarium

    1. Add something magical with this DIY Bubble Chandelier from Martha Stewart. You could do this with all clear balls or mix it up with tones of greens and blues. This may be something you hang out of reach or only do for an older child. 

    DIY Bubble Chandelier

    With a few made with love accents, you can give your child an ocean themed bedroom that will be unique from any other. If you’ve created any of your own Under the Sea décor, we’d love to see it! Feel free to email it to us at or post a comment telling us about what you did.

    Parents "To Be" Create Whimsical Forest Room for Baby McKenzie 2

    Whimsical Forest Themed Nursery

    Parents "to be" Charles and Genevieve Foxworthy knew without a shadow of a doubt, they were looking for a fox and forest themed room for their new baby girl on the way, McKenzie. Well, once they saw our site:, they looked no further! Though we also sell sticker versions of our stencil kits, the Foxworthy's went the stencil route creating a beautiful and whimsical space for their new baby girl. Read the interview we had with Charles below to hear about their nursery decorating journey: 

    My Wonderful Walls: What gave you the idea and inspiration for such a creative nursery project? 

    Charles: We have always loved foxes and thought what better way to decorate a baby girls room then to litter it with fox and forest imagery. It is also a part of our family crest which help solidify the center piece of the fox.

    MWW: For whom is this Forest Themed mural intended?

    Charles: The mural is going to be for my yet to be born daughter McKenzie Marie.

    MWW: What made you choose this theme and what made this mural a good fit for your project? 

    Charles: I picked out the Forest Friends kit, mainly we did this because it had a fox in it and we have always loved foxes.

    MWW: What do you think your child's reaction will be to the wall mural when she first sees it?

    Charles: Well, once I finished the project I brought my pregnant wife in the room and unborn baby McKenzie kicked her, so we think she’s pretty excited to live in there.

    MWW: About how long did it take you to complete the project?

    Charles: I think total it took me about 6-8 hours spread out over 3 days. Progress was slow going at first while I was figuring out the best way to use the stencils on the textured wall, but after that, when I started lining up multiple stencils that used the same colors, and I had about 5 brushes with different colors going at once, things sped up considerably.

    MWW: What did you enjoy most about the your mural creation experience? 

    Charles: The best part about the creation of the mural was probably painting those foxes they are just so darn cute and I wanted to cuddle with them.

    MWW: Did you add any personal touches to the mural/room other than what came with the kit? If so, what gave you the inspiration? 

    Charles: Being a woodworker, I made a heart that says, "Love" out of Purple Heart, Mahogany, and Koa. It was a blast to make as well and she will be able to put it up in her kid’s room one day. I also sew and make quilts as well as some other crafts, mainly learned from my mom.

    MWW: Do you have a favorite piece or favorite scene you created? If so, please describe.

    Charles: Yes, the pink shell’d turtle going to eat the mushrooms reminds me of Mario Brothers. 

    MWW: Do you have any helpful tips for people who use our stencil products?

    Charles: I have some very helpful advice, first have a plan. Put as many stencils on the wall as possible. Then pick color to pain that is shared by most of the stencils you plan to paint. Then paint all the stencils with that color by the time you finish the first coat on all the stencils the first stencil should be ready for a second coat. And repeat the process. Also, don’t try to paint in strokes, dab the paint on, and put as little paint as possible on your brush. This will help prevent bleeding on a textured wall.

    MWW: Did you utilize any or all of the resources on our main website (how-to videos, virtual mural maker, customer photos)? 

    Charles: The only resource I used was the how to video on the Forest Friends main page. I also read the instructions that came with the kit. I found both resources pretty useful. It definitely helps to plan the mural out since the more pieces you can paint at once the faster it goes. And the instructional video helped with the technique for painting the stencils.

    MWW: Tell us your overall experience with the stencil kit and with the My Wonderful Walls folks in general.

    Charles: Everyone was very, very helpful. There was a little issue where McKenzie’s name was missing a capital 'K' and I let them know. They sent out 2 corrected name tags with the correct spelling immediately and I got it like 2 days later. Best customer service ever. <(Aww, thanks, Charles!)

    MWW: What else would you like us to know about you and your project?—parents are important too! 

    Charles: Really, I just like to be unique and this project allowed me to make my daughter's room one-of-a-kind. There is no one on this planet who will have the same layout or room as her. I feel that this room is something special I can give to her even as a baby. I know she will grow to appreciate it, love it, and make it her own. I’m glad I also put up my little wood working heart of "Love" in there as well, since it will be something that can be remembered forever.

    Well, I'd say baby McKenzie is in for a real treat! A unique forest room that will grow with her for years to come. Thank you Charles and Gen for sharing your experience and beautiful photos with us!

    Whimsical Forest Themed Nursery













    Calming lilac colored walls compliment room and stencil colors while creating a dreamy sense of wonder. See Charles' handmade "Love" plaque above the bed - perfect!

    Whimsical Forest Themed NurseryMcKenzie's bi-plane stencil flying high over mirrored closet doors - cute!

    Cuddly, plush foxes sit on McKenzie's dresser in the pic below, patiently awaiting her arrival. Also, don't miss the adorable matching deer tote in the corner! - super cute!!

    Whimsical Forest Themed Nursery


















    How to Paint the Clouds for Your Wall Mural 0

    How to Paint Clouds

    Many of our My Wonderful Walls wall stencil kits come with clouds. You can also purchase a Simply Clouds stencil kit in either whimsy or traditional for just $27.99 with a set of 5 clouds each or individual cloud stencils. You can even use the technique shown with other stencils, we just can't guarantee the results and you may need additional supplies. Once you are ready to add the clouds to your wall, you’ll want to gather your supplies. You will need:

    • Acrylic White Paint
    • Blue Base Coat (same paint you’ve used for the background sky)
    • Paper plate to put your paint on
    • Bristle Brush
    Foam Brush
    • My Wonderful Walls Self-Adhesive Cloud Stencils

    Assuming you have already applied a basecoat to your walls (we recommend using Spring Waterfall A54-3, Olympic, semi-gloss or satin from Lowe’s for the classic sky you’ll see in many of our images)you will first paint a cloud using the large cloud stencil. Our wall stencils are adhesive so simply press to the wall and rub it with your hand making sure all the inner edges are down. Dip your foam brush into your acrylic white paint. The trick is to not use too much paint or it might bleed under the stencil. Use a stabbing or patting motion to paint, particularly around the edges. Using a back and forth motion could cause the paint to work its way under the stencil. You can generally get a good result with two coats of paint. Once the paint is semi-dry you can remove your stencil and move on. You may use a hair dryer to speed things along. Our stencils can be used and re-used several times just make sure they are clean and dry in between uses.

    Now to add some variety and texture to the cloud you can actually layer a second cloud stencil over the first one you’ve painted to make a larger cloud and then add dimension with a bristle brush. First, apply a smaller cloud stencil overlapping the cloud you’ve just painted. Use the same technique as above to paint this cloud. You can add a third layer on the other side to make an even larger and unique shaped cloud as well. If you are going to be adding several clouds to your kids room mural, this will prevent your clouds from looking repetitive. Once you have the size cloud you want, add some texture and depth by dipping your bristle brush into your blue base coat paint. Working around the edges of the cloud, you can add shadows with the blue paint to blend your cloud into the sky. Add more blue throughout the cloud with a light hand to create a realistic looking cloud. That’s it! You’ve now created a cute little cloud for your kid’s room or baby nursery.

    Watch this How to Paint with the Simply Clouds Stencil Kit where Michael demonstrates just how easy painting clouds into your mural can be! Let us know below if you have any tips to share on how to paint the clouds in your kids room mural.

    Painting Clouds on Ceiling

    How to Accessorize Your Farm Themed Kids Room or Nursery 0

     Farm Themed Mural for Kids Room

    If you recently purchased a Friendly Farm Wall Sticker Kit or Farm Stencils for a Nursery Mural from My Wonderful Walls, you might be thinking about how to tie the room together. Of course there is bedding and curtains but you’ll want to add some accessories around the room to make it unique to your child. Here are ten simple and inexpensive ways to add those finishing touches to your farm themed kid’s room or baby nursery.

    1. Use stuffed animals around the room. But not just any stuffed animals- the kind of animals Old McDonald would have on his farm. Add to a little red wagon filled with farm themed books. You can even accessorize your stuffed animal by tying a bandana around its neck.

    2. Use a basket or tin bucket as a trash can or for storage. Line a storage basket with gingham fabric or a bandana. 

    3. Create your own bandana pillows for the rocker! Here are instructions to make a simple No Sew Bandana Pillow Cover from Making Friends. Or if you’re feeling really crafty try these fun Bandana Hanger Covers to add some fun in the closet! 

    4. Take a picture of your little farmer in their best farm duds and frame to hang on the walls.Accessories for a Farm Themed Room

    5. Use farm themed knobs on your child’s dresser. 

    6. Find a vintage rocking horse for the corner.

    7. Stack or hang old apple crates from the wall for extra storage. You can keep them as is or paint in white or bright colors if they are a little beat up. You could even decoupage a few farm animals or different types of produce onto the sides to go with your farm theme. Check out what some bloggers have created with apple crates on Modern Mum Must-Have

    8. Add a cute piggy night light (or any farm animal) like this one from Etsy.

    9. Add a piggy bank to your child’s dresser. 

    10. Don’t limit yourself in using your farm themed stencils solely on the walls. You can stencil doors, furniture and even add clouds to your ceiling if you wish. 

    For more ideas on decorating your farm kids room check out this video entitled How to Accessorize the Friendly Farm Stencil Kit and our video tutorial on Embellishing the Friendly Farm Stencil Kit. Soon you will not only have wonderful walls but a wonderful farm themed kid’s room or baby nursery!



    Blog post written by Tara

    How to Create Your Own Wall Lettering 0

    DIY wall lettering is very popular right now and while many of our My Wonderful Walls wall sticker kits come with personalization available, sometimes you may just want to add a name or a saying to your walls. Here is a quick lesson in what you will need to create your own wall lettering.

    What you will need:  

    Printer paper – either letter or legal size

    A computer with word processing or graphics software 

    Small flathead brush (quarter of an inch works well)

    Painter’s tape

    Acrylic paint in the color you want for your lettering

    One of the following: soft pencil (8B works best),chalk or pastel stick preferably in a light color

    Ball point pen

    To create your wall lettering first select the font and size of the letters and print out on your paper. If you want really large letters, you can print one letter per page. Next, rub your pencil, chalk or pastel stick over the back of your paper. Make sure you completely cover where the letters are. Pastel sticks can be very easy to work with but you can also use the pencil or chalk. Tap off any excess.

    Now tape your paper in place where you want to add your lettering, letters facing out. Using a ball point pen, trace each letter making sure to get the inner and outer edges. Pull off your paper and you will have transferred the letters to your wall. Now you are ready to paint between the lines! After your paint dries you may need to wipe off any chalk or pastel residue. Once it’s clean, you can make any final touch ups. You now have personalized your wall with DIY Wall Lettering! 

    The possibilities are endless when you create your own wall lettering. You can add a name, a quote from a book, a favorite saying- anything you can think of and you don’t have to restrict this to walls either. You can personalize doors, tables, signs, chairs, bookcases and more.  You can also use this method in conjunction with any of our wall stencil kits to add a personalized touch to your mural. Now go watch the DIY Wall Lettering Video Tutorial where Michael demonstrates exactly how to create your own wall lettering and then let us know if you try this for your own home. 





    Blog post written by Tara