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Forest Friends Themed Teepees Prove Our Stencil Kits Aren’t Just For Walls! 2

    Forest Friends Teepee

Back in March, our friend Connie from kokoandkoko designs in the UK asked us if she could use our stencils on fabric for a teepee art project she was planning to do with young children. Brilliant idea, right?!  Connie has created many different lines of teepees and wigwams for children using a variety of designs and materials. This time she wanted to take the teepees to a new level by encouraging the children to create their own designs using our forest friends stencil kit hoping to ignite within them the same passion for arts and crafts she harbors within herself. We couldn’t wait to see how the teepees turned out! Here's what creative Connie had to say about this fun and rewarding experience:

My Wonderful Walls: How did you find out about My Wonderful Walls?
Connie: I stumbled across My Wonderful Walls while searching for reusable stencils using the Google search engine.

MWW: These teepees are amazing! What gave you the idea and inspiration for such a creative project?
Connie: Having made teepees with applique designs, I thought it was going to be interesting for children to take part in decorating and personalizing their own teepees using permanent fabric markers or paint. This project was aimed to help children develop their creativity and art skills by having fun. I also make plain teepees for doodle art where children can have hand prints, sponge art, and any doodles from their great imaginations.

MWW: What are the first names of the people who did the mural on the teepee?
Connie: The names of the children in the picture are Bithiah (girl aged 10yrs) and Shemaiah (boy aged 6yrs).

MWW: Where was your masterpiece created?
Connie: Essex in United Kingdom.

MWW: For whom is this mural intended?
Connie: This was my new design and lines of teepees and wigwams and intended for children.

MWW: What product did you purchase?
Connie: I purchased the Forest Friends Reusable Stencil Kit.

MWW: Tell us a little about why you choose this theme and what made this mural a good fit for your project?
Connie: I love nature and wildlife. The Forest Friends Stencil Kit has all of the classic nature designs that will always be appealing to little ones.

MWW: What was your son's reaction to the mural when he first saw it?
Connie: My son loved it. He was happy when I asked him to show his art skills by painting the teepee.

MWW: How long did it take to complete the project?
Connie: It took [the kids] a few days as an after school project and a weekend. My son asked if I could create another teepee to paint.

MWW: Obviously you have lots of artistic skill, but describe your artistic comfort level. Have you always had a love for arts and crafts?
Connie: I live for art, crafts, and any other creative activities. Having worked as a children's clothing and accessory designer for many years, designing is my life. I enjoy experimenting, but often I don’t have enough time to try all my designs.

MWW: What did you enjoy most about the teepee mural creation experience?
Connie: I enjoyed using the stencils to create a small indoor wildlife scene.

MWW: Was it what you had expected?
Connie: It is definitely what I expected and I would like to try different media or paint if time permits.

MWW: What did the kids think about the process/experience?
Connie: They would like to do another one. I would like them to colour a lampshade, cushion, or a canvas bag.

MWW: Did you add any personal touches to the teepee other than what came with the kit?
Connie: I added the brown and green felt at the bottom to create landscapes.

MWW: Do you have any helpful tips for people who use our products?
Connie: My advice to people is: do not hesitate to invest in one of the My Wonderful Walls mural kits and grow your creativity. You definitely will not be disappointed but will be amazed with the "WOW " results.

MWW: Did you utilize any or all of the resources on our main website (how-to videos, virtual mural maker, or customer photos)?
Connie: I did not use any videos or virtual mural maker because I had my ideas flowing before purchasing the kit. All I needed was to interpret it onto the fabric.

MWW: Would you recommend our products to others? why, or why not.
Connie: I cannot recommend your product enough. Your products are impeccably awesome, and easy to use. With your products there are guaranteed beautiful wall murals for those special people in your life.


Connie, we can’t thank you enough for sharing your experience using our forest friends stencil kit! If you’re feeling as inspired as we are, see for yourself how easy it is to have fun, and get creative with our unique stencils, stencil kits, and wall stickers. If you have a creative way you’ve used our stickers, or stencils, share your awesome idea with us in the comments! Or, let us know by email: Your project could be our next blog post!

                     Forest Friends Teepee                Forest Friends Teepee                 Forest Friends Teepee     

Garden Themed Mural Inspires Imagination 2

Splendid Garden Wall Mural

When Pauline set out to create a beautiful and magical space for her 3-year-old daughter, Jasmine, in their Las Vegas home, she knew from the start what she wanted in a children’s wall mural. She and her daughter love everything about the outdoors, including animals and flowers; Jasmine especially loves frogs. When Pauline decided to search online for kids wall murals, she found our Splendid Garden Wall Mural Stencil Kit and fell in love. Along with the DIY stencil kit, she purchased the foam brushes and paints because the color scheme we suggested was not only bright and girly, but was exactly what Pauline had imagined.

In the past, Pauline had used wall stickers from other companies, but this time she was looking for something a little longer lasting. She also wanted something that would provide Jasmine with the understanding that her mommy spent love, time, and effort on a special room just for her. 

Flower Garden Girls RoomThe project itself took Pauline about 1½ weeks to complete, as she has another baby girl to take care of and could only work on the room for a few hours or minutes, at a time. Although she can be very creative and is comfortable doing arts and crafts, Pauline was surprised at how easy it was to use the wall stencils. She enjoyed working on Jasmine's room so much that she kept imagining other rooms of their home she could redecorate with the help of some of our other kits. 

Although Jasmine was a little too young to help with the painting, she was excited beyond words, particularly with the frog. This is a room that provides inspiration to both Jasmine and her father's imaginations. Each night as he tucks her into bed, they make up stories based on the characters on the wall. Pauline mentioned that it is so amazing and funny, to see and hear how Jasmine's imagination is really growing. She has named the butterflies William and Billiam, and these two are always the main characters in her and her father's stories. She hasn't left any of the other characters out, though, providing them with names – her name, her sister's name and her cousins’ names – making sure everyone has a special spot in each nightly story.

Pauline really loved using the stencil kit and was glad she purchased the suggested paint to go along with it as well. She commented that it really takes the guesswork out of deciding which colors to use, and was also a tremendous time saver. She also was happy to find that she had plenty of paint left over, which she is saving for touch-ups. Pauline was pleased with how easy the stencils were to use, and that they were made of durable materials with very sticky adhesive; this allowed her to reuse them repeatedly to create a room filled with personal touches and whimsy. Garden Girls Room

Growing up, Pauline's father was an oil painter in his spare time, so painting was something she always wished she could do, especially for her children. She says that she is very proud of the room she created, and is sure her father would have been too. She has since decided to tap into her inner artist, and feels more comfortable with painting and becoming more creative.

Thanks for sharing this awesome room with us, Pauline! If you would like to see your wall mural and family featured on our blog, please fill out our Customer Spotlight form.  


Tell Stories with Wall Murals 1

Storytelling with Wall Decor

Countless stories can be told from the murals on your walls. Wall murals spark the mind's eye and lend to infinite storytelling possibilities.  You don’t need a book to tell stories….  just your imagination!  Here are some ideas to get you started:

The “story stool”— Place a stool in the middle of the room and call it the “story stool”. The person sitting on the stool gets to tell the story. This is great for any age. You will be amazed by the stories that children, even as young as 2-year olds, will come up with just by looking at the wall murals.

Use a flashlight Turn off all the lights and use a flashlight to illuminate different parts of the wall art. This helps the storyteller and the audience stay focused.  

30 second turns This one is great with a group of kid or whole family. Tell a collective story based on the kids wall art from start to finish, giving every one 30 second turns. Set a time-limit of say 2 or 3 minutes and see where the story takes you.

Put on a play Use the wall mural in the bedroom as a backdrop and put on a play. Dress up in silly costumes. Make sure to have the video camera handy, so they can watch it for themselves later.

Sing and dance — Break out the instruments (or pots and pans) and create silly songs and rhythms using the characters and designs in the mural. Example: Using the Forest Mural, to the tune of BINGO… “There was a fox up on the hill, and Dolly was her name-o. D-O-L-L-Y….”  

Teaching opportunities Teaching opportunities abound with the kid’s wall murals. Discuss colors, counting, shapes, animals, animal sounds, patterns, and so much more. Have your little point to all the different animals in the farm mural, and then talk about animal sounds, habitats, colors, diet, etc. Discuss how a train works or what makes a hot-air balloon float in the Transportation theme room. Count the number of fairies at play in the fairy mural or the number of tree flowers in the Splendid Garden wall mural.

Backwards and forwards Begin a story from wall A and end it on wall D. Then, use the same characters but tell it beginning with wall D. See how different the story becomes.

Illustrate it After a story is told, break out the crayons and paper and draw pictures based on the story.

 “No, that’s not right!” Tell a story based on the wall mural you painted but change it to include things that are obviously not correct. Let you child correct your silly mistakes. Example from the Ocean Theme:  “….her name was Ginger and she was a big yellow octopus.” “No, mommy. Ginger is purple!”

New version of a classic tale Adapt one of your child’s favorite stories to include the art on the walls. For example, turn The Three Little Pigs into The Three Little Dinosaurs or The Three Little Ladybugs.

How fun is that?! And remember, there is no right or wrong way to tell a story. These stories won’t be sent to a publisher for approval or rejection. They will be receieved with smiles and giggles. Your stories can be as short and simple or long and complex. Your stories can be silly, scary, wild, fun, adventurous, peaceful, lesson-packed… whatever! However you tell them, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised by how far your imagination and that of your children take you! Have fun and happy storytelling!